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Latest Questions...

Who owns The Creator Collective

Well, the Creator Collective is the sum of all its members – and nobody owns you!

However, someone needs to facilitate the URLs, the website, the workshops and make the tea – so that’s all done by Brand New Media

What is ACMA's involvement

The Asia Content Marketing Association apply their endorsement – their stamp of approval – to the Creator Collective project.

This is particularly important for the e-learning, to ensure that you are certified by an established industry trade association.

Many of the members have contributed to the site, and if you want to meet them in person you’ll find many of them at the workshops that we run.

What is the MDA's involvement

The Media Development Authority of Singapore invest heavily in the development of the industry with a variety of grants to help get important projects off the ground.

As part of that they have invested in the platforms, marketing, workshops and the material you can see on the website.

We love them!

Who owns the content submitted to the Creator Collective

The Creator of course!

If you submit content to us to publish as an example of your work, you’ll be granting us a license to publish and distribute it – but the content belongs to you.

Are there any restrictions on content

There’s a sign at Speaker’s Corner in Singapore that reads:

The speech should not have the potential to cause feelings of enmity, hatred, ill-will or hostility between different racial or religious groups.

We agree with them, so we tend to avoid content that we feel will cause unnecessary conflict or ill will.

That only applies to the content that appears on the site of course, and we will hope you understand.

Please note that as a Singapore publication we are also subject to local laws. You can find a summary of content that is ‘not allowed for ratings’ (NAR) here at the MDA site.

Does the Creator Collective offer commercial services

At this stage the Creator Collective does not offer commercial services, however you may be able to find what you’re looking for by contacting Brand New Media.