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It’s an interactive, structured course that you can pursue in your own time that could change your career forever.


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The e-learning portal is a small and growing structured library with video tutorials in an easy to understand presentation format.

  • Covers all key components of video content marketing: ideation, creation, publication, distribution, amplification, optimisation and activation
  • Simple personal login allows achievement tracking
  • Questionnaires and quizzes
  • Course transcripts for external distribution
  • Works on desktop, laptop, tablets and mobile
  • Certificates endorsed by Asia Content Marketing Association

*Free access is only available to Citizens, Permanent Residents and Employment Pass Holders of Singapore

Unique Personal Login Access

The Creator Collective provides a direct, personal login to the elearning platform that ensures you get not only personalised content, but also personalised reporting.

It means that on your behalf we will track your completion rates, let you know what you still have to cover, and give you a complete course transcript that you can pass on to employers to demonstrate your achievements.

If you already work for a company then we can offer company logins which allow managers to track their team performance, and maybe even offer a bonus if you get all the bases covered off!


structured courses

Simple Accessible Structure

The course follows the seven pillars of video content marketing: ideation, creation, publication, distribution, amplification, optimisation and activation.

It offers a compact and easy to use approach:

  • Short form video tutorials of between 3 mins and 5 mins in length
  • Filmed with tutors, mentors and independent talent as appropriate
  • Interspersed with simple multiple choice tests to test your knowledge
  • Arranged into a linear structure that allows you to progress in a step-by-step manner through the curriculum

We’re confident that there’s not other one like it!

Anytime Anyhow Anywhere

The content is supported on a world class content distribution network, ensuring that it works smoothly and effectively wherever you may be.

You can choose your own resolution on many videos, so you can optimise your data usage whether you’re on mobile or wifi.

For the techies amongst you the system offers an HTML 5-based user interface that adapts to different hardware devices, from conventional desktops & laptops to tablets, such as iPads, & smartphones. Supported platforms include:

  • Windows / Mac /Linux (PCs)
  • iOS (iPads and iPhones)
  • Android (other mobile)


acma endorsement

Endorsed by The Asia Content Marketing Association

After all that effort, the one thing we need to make sure is that other people appreciate it!

The Asia Content Marketing Association is the leading trade body representing the capability of the industry across the region.

They vet and review content (as well as contributing much themselves) to ensure that your hardwork is not only respected by your colleagues, but also by your clients and employers.

ACMA provide a downloadable certificate at the end of the course to confirm your success.