Our Partners

The Creator Collective is a collaboration that spans the digital marketing industry. It includes investment from the Media Development Authority of Singapore, Facilitation from Brand New Media, and the involvement of a huge range of brands, advertising agencies, content marketing companies and the video industry through the Asia Content Marketing Association.

Most of all, it flourishes because it’s a collaboration with YOU – our brilliant, inspiring and productive members!

But just in case you don’t recognise all of those partners, here’s some more detail:

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Brand New Media (BNM)

Brand New Media (BNM) is a global content company with offices and dedicated studios operating across Australia, South East Asia, US and Europe. BNM is an established international player with a 15 year pedigree in content development, creation, distribution and marketing.

We own, create, and operate digital channels for the world’s leading brands and broadcasters.

Specialising in video led content marketing and responsive advertising, we offer clients an end-to-end content creation and distribution solution.

Our unique channelPLAY technology platform delivers real solutions for clients wanting to, create, manage, distribute and monetise content to new and existing audiences. channelPLAY ‘s unique data-centric ecosystem provides valuable insights to help deliver an enhanced viewing experience.

At BNM we combine the art of video content creation with the science of response.

acma logo

The Asia Content Marketing Association (ACMA)

The Asia Content Marketing Association is the trade marketing association for content marketing in Asia.

Founded by leading practitioners and brand marketers in June 2013, the association is focused on raising the profile, positive perception and commercial strength of the content marketing industry in Asia-Pacific.

It strives to assist brand marketers in understanding the complexities of this discipline, while encouraging the debate and sharing of best practices across ideation, creation, publication, distribution, amplification, optimisation and activation.

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The Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA)

The Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) promotes and regulates the media sector, so as to contribute towards economic growth and help foster a cohesive and inclusive society in Singapore​.

To build a competitive and sustainable media industry, MDA looks into development roadmaps that position Singapore as the nucleus where media content, services and applications are financed, made and traded for the world. Guided by the Singapore Media Fusion Plan, a national media blueprint unveiled in 2009, it seeks to create the best environment in Singapore for media businesses to develop quality content, exploit new opportunities in digital media and move up the value chain, while enhancing the global appeal of Singapore media through international partnerships.

In line with this strategy, MDA promotes the development of a cluster of six media industries – broadcast, film, publishing, animation, interactive media and games – through seven grants and schemes.The seven grants and schemes – Development Assistance, Production Assistance, Marketing Assistance, Talent Assistance, Enterprise Assistance, New Talent Feature Grant and Film Mentorship Initiative will help media companies develop and own their intellectual property and create engaging and desirable content that will help the sector move up the value chain.

It also aims to boost media sector productivity and nurture talents, and contribute towards the cultivation of a vibrant and self-sustaining media ecosystem.