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Photo Credit: Satti Media Partners

One of the means of ensuring a smooth and painless shoot, and a major safeguard in minimizing issues and facilitating troubleshooting, is that everybody in your crew is clear on their roles during production. How big your crew is depends on how big you can afford it to be; most cases people end up wearing more than one hat in a production. Regardless of your crew size, here are the most crucial players involved in making any production run properly.

Producer: The Producer creates all the right conditions for making the video project happen. This involves is pitching the concept and treatment to potential investors, securing funding, hiring key personnel, and marketing and distributing the content. The Producer is involved throughout all phases of the production process from development to completion.

Involved in: Proposal, Pre-Production, The Shoot, Post-Production

Writer/Researcher: The Writer/Researcher is involved in the early stages of the production in working together with the producer to flesh out the concept and treatment. Once the project has been green lit and pre-production can commence, the writer/researcher proceeds to work with the director to produce a working script or screenplay, depending on the type of content you are producing. It is not uncommon for writers/researchers to wind up becoming producers themselves eventually.

Involved in: Proposal, Pre-Production

Director: The Director is the main creative force behind the production, and the concept and treatment of the project will be realized through his vision, and hence producers usually take great care to find the right directors who can pull off their projects. The director makes all the creative decisions on how, what, who, when, and where to shoot; choosing the right technical crew together with the producer for the shoot, working with the writer/researcher on the script/screenplay, casting the right talents for the shoot, setting the art direction for the set and wardrobe design, and advising the production manager on what locations to find. The director is also closely involved in post-production together with the editor to craft out the final story from the recorded footage in the editing room.

Involved in: Pre-Production, The Shoot, Post-Production

Production Manager: The Production Manager takes care of the day-to-day production decisions to ensure that everything proceeds smoothly and in the most efficient and economic way possible. The PM is primarily in charge of scouting and securing locations, scheduling shoots, acquiring equipment, assisting the director with the set and wardrobe design, and managing the production budget.

Involved in: Pre-Production, The Shoot, Post-Production

Director of Photography: The Director of Photography is the cinematographer and chief camera operator of a production and is responsible for the artistic and technical decisions pertaining to the image, such as in composing the shots, lighting the scene, which lenses to use and everything else involving the camera and capturing video.

Involved in: The Shoot

Soundman: The Soundman is in charge of capturing the audio in a shoot, primarily responsible of setting up the microphones and audio recorder, controlling the volume and tone of sound picked up during recording, operating the boom, and capturing sound in the shoot.

Involved in: The Shoot

Editor: The Editor digests all the footage from a production and assembles them into a coherent sequence, crafting out the narrative flow, pacing, mood, and tone of the story together with the director. The editor works with the storyboard, script, score, and colours to put together a cut of the video that most closely resembles the director’s vision.