The Wonderful Case of Going Mirrorless

In an age where the quality of cameras on smartphones can easily match or even exceed those of point-and-shoot cameras, camera makers have been developing a new breed of cameras that offer DSLR image quality in a more lightweight and portable package. As a result of this innovation, mirrorless cameras have emerged in the market in recent years and have been received with much acclaim, for good reason.

By doing away with the mirror box and prism, this grants the mirrorless camera a slew of great operational advantages over DSLRs, such as a faster autofocus in live view and its silent shutter, amongst many others. But what is probably the best advantage of going mirrorless, which is also its most obvious, is its compactness. The weight advantage means less strain on your shoulders and neck, which is something you’d definitely need on a long day of shooting. And it’s usually small enough to make it handy to carry around and shoot any time, anywhere. Remember, as Chase Jarvis famously once said, “The best camera is the one that’s with you.”

Photo Credit: Photo Fans