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Finding Royalty-Free Music: 6 Places to Start

What can bring your video project to the next level is a great soundtrack. You probably already have this one song in mind that you think would be perfect to bring out the tone and mood of your video, but chances are those songs are beyond the reach of the laymen due to copyright laws. And unless you or your friends are proficient and gifted enough in composing music, settling your video soundtrack could prove to be tricky business.

Fortunately, there has been a growing abundance of music libraries online where you can find Creative Commons audio tracks or buy quality royalty-free music for a nominal fee. There are also plenty of songwriters online who are willing to share their tracks as well for a simple attribution credit in your video. Here are a few places where you could start looking:

  • Soundcloud: There are a lot of producers here that churn out a great volume of work that are free-to-use. In the cases in which they are not, if you contact those producers directly and explain your project to them courteously, most times they’re willing to help you out, or at least come to some arrangement.


  • Audionetwork, Audiojungle, and PremiumBeat: Their great variety of musical styles and genres makes these sites a versatile resource for find music for any type of content you may be producing. A unique pricing structure allows you to purchase songs in many different ways. You can purchase the full song, loop sets, or short clips, for whatever suits your video best.
  • ccMixter: This contains an outstanding collection of samples, remixes, and a cappella tracks to use in your video. Beastie Boys, DJ Vadim, and other well-known artists have tracks on here that are legal and free to sample under a Creative Commons license.


  • Vimeo Music Store: Vimeo has an impressive catalogue of songs that spans a diverse range of sounds and genres for all your video creation needs. Some of them are free, while others can be yours for a token fee of $1.99 per download.


Jeremy is the video lead at Bandwagon Asia and a freelance video producer that has worked on branded content and documentary projects for Endemol, Channel Suria, Nescafe, and NEA, amongst others. You can reach him at


Photo Credit: Ohmyhandmade